Stoeger XM1 Bullpup Air Rifle

Stoeger XM1 Bullpup Air Rifle



The XM1 Bullpup is recognizable from its exclusive and innovative design developed in Italy from the very best expertise on the design. Inspired by the best in class automotive industries, the Stoeger AIRGUNS designers are constantly engaged on the development of new lines.

The care on the details on design defines best in class ergonomics stock, offering better comfort and better accuracy. Ergonomic cocking lever position for a faster second target acquisition.

The XM1 Bullpup PCP rifle is characterized by its comfort stock design, no recoil, comfort rear pad to minimize the vibration in order to provide to the shooter better stability and faster second target acquisition, Pro Adaptive Checkering to assurance the perfect feeling with the rifle

Stoeger AIRGUNS offers the choice of the favorite pistol grip and cheekpiece thanks to the Multi Grip System technology. Shooters can adapt the new XM1 Bullpup to their own style, choosing between a Base blue pistol grip or a XL black pistol grip and between a Base cheekpiece or a Raised cheekpiece.

Every Stoeger AIRGUNS XM1 Bullpup PCP rifle is accuracy-tested to prove your rifle can perform the best accuracy in its category with a 5 shot group.

The XM1 Bullpup design is particularly advantageous for a hunter who prefers to travel light during the outdoor days as well as have a compact weapon on hand for small game and medium game hunting.
The XM1 Bullpup rifle are excellent for working in tight spaces like in barns or shooting hides and around the farm building.

The rifle’s overall length is significantly decreased without reducing the barrel length. This allows an easy handling especially on tight spaces, compared to a conventional air rifle with a similar barrel length. The shorter length of stock XM1 Bullpup design reduces the weight compared to a conventional air rifle with the same action. The center of mass of the XM1 Bullpup air rifle is on the back, closer to the shooter’s body. This means, more comfort, better handling, perfect grip and more control especially when the shooter is moving.


The VCR ACT means that this product cannot be ordered for delivery to your door in the UK. It can only be delivered to a Firearms Dealer Please Note – if you are in the UK and order this product online for home delivery we cannot process your order


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