FX No-Limit Adjustable Scope Mounts 30mm Tube 9-11mm Dovetail


30mm tube to 9-11mm dovetail rail.

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These high quality metal mounts from FX Airguns are vertically adjustable which are perfect for long range target shooting as the 3.8mm adjustment equates to a 4 meter difference at 100 meters.

Its not only long range shooting they can be used for though, target shooters who need to work from the optical centre for maximum crosshair adjustment find these very helpful as well.

The vertical adjustment is locked by one hex head screw which locks the mount solid so no movement occurs once they have been set.

Available in 1 inch and 30 mm
• Easily Adjustable for Height and Angle
• Solid Locking Design
• Adjustable Height 0.170 Inches
• Adjustable Angle +/- 1.5 Degrees
• Width 0.785″
• Weight 4,2 Oz
• Height 0.915″ – 1.085″ (1 inch)
• Height 0.875″ – 1.045″ (30 mm)


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