Shoot N.C. 3″ Bulls Eye 48 Targets


Self-adhesive targets that leave a visible high-visibilty ring around the pellet hole.
n48 targets per pack.
nHugely popular!

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When you go out shooting, you want a reaction. That’s why for years old cans and bottles were a favorite at the practice range. Until now! These revolutionary self-adhesive targets explode in color upon impact. And the bright yellow ring around the bullet hole is visible to the naked eye—allowing you shot after shot without interruption. So forget hunting for cans and load up on SHOOT•N•C targets, and let the fun begin! · To use, simply apply to an existing target or penetrable backstop. · See bullet holes instantly, without the aid of spotting scopes or binoculars. · Great for all firearms and calibers. · Upon bullet impact, a bright yellow ring appears around each hole. · Indoor/outdoor use. Excellent for those with reduced vision capabilities


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