Orange Bruni Model 92 8mm Blank Firing Pistol

8mm blank firer, blaze orange colour.
Complete with case and cleaning brush.


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This classic modern military M92 firearm is the type used by U.S. armed forces and many police departments. This model features precision metal construction with authentic working single and double action. 16 Shot magazine, Release the clip, load the 8mm blanks, reload the clip, pull back the slide and commence firing. This blank gun is as seen in the movies, TV, and used extensively in law enforcement training. Just back in stock, ideal for dog training etc. UK Spec stamped (UK 2012).


  • The VCR ACT means that this product cannot be ordered for delivery to your door in the UK. It can only be delivered to a Firearms Dealer Please Note – if you are in the UK and order this product online for home delivery we cannot process your order


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