Lyalvale Express Pigeon Special 12ga 30 6 Fibre Wad Cartridge

Lyalvale Express Pigeon Special 12ga 30g 6 Fibre Wad

Prices; due to the extremely volatile market at present,prices are subject to change at very short notice.

25 – £9.35

250 – £90.34

500 – £174.44

1000 – £336.42

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The Pigeon Special was developed for pigeon and rough shooters looking for a high performance cartridge specifically designed for their sport. Based on our award winning game range, the components used in the Pigeon Special have been carefully selected to produce an inexpensive, quality cartridge to deliver optimum performance in the field, with moderate recoil. The traditional true 2 ½ inch cartridge has been engineered for use in over-under and semi-automatic shotguns, where power and performance are essential. For 2 ¾ inch pigeon cartridge, see our Pigeon Power cartridge.


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