Gerber GDC Essentials Zip Blade

Very handy small utility blade with clip and zip attachment
Blade length 1.5cm
Closed Length 4.3cm
Overall Length 5.74cm


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Gerber knows being prepared isn’t a state of being so much as a philosophy. Which is why having the right tool on hand is about little things that make the difference. Sometimes the job’s as simple as cutting twine or slicing open a box, but try those things without a blade enough times and you’ll appreciate the compact efficiency of the GDC Zip Blade. Part of Gerber’s Daily Carry collection, this Zip Blade is the bulldog of utility knives. Squat enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it has enough muscle to strip wire, cut cardboard, and slice through toughest of clamshell packaging. Eveready Blade The quick-release clip lets you remove this tool with one hand, leaving your other one free to steady a load or keep things aligned. When open, a frame lock keeps the compact .68-inch fine edge blade secure, so there’s no wobble when you’re powering through a cut. A built-in fob lets you attach it to the zipper of your jacket or bag, so it’s close at hand when you need it. £14.99


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