Enterprise Mini Pop Up Sweetcorn


Mini Pop Up Sweetcorn.


10 per packet.

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Enterprise Tackle mini pop-up corn can be used on its own or in conjunction with real corn, either hooked direct or mounted on a hair rig. Ideal for most species, particularly fish that may be wary of larger baits. For best results fish over a bed of particles, pellets etc. As a general guide:­ 1 grain pops up a size 18. 2 grains pop up a size 14. 2 grains critically balance a size 12. Based on specimen forged hooks, different type hooks will vary in weight. Individual grains may vary in buoyancy. *Mini Version of the popular buoyant imitation sweetcorn, soft enough to use on the hook, or hair rig if desired. *Ideal for both match and specialist anglers *Use to create a popped up, slow sinking, or critically balanced bait 10 pieces per packet.


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