ENOLA GAYE Wire Pull Paint Grenade


Wire pull paint grenade.
Over 18 only,collection in store.

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The Enola Gaye Paint Grenade….Pull the wire….approximately 5 seconds later the grenade explodes spreading paint up to ten meters! This is a pyrotechnic grenade, it explodes with an awesome effect! Great if you’re the person delivering the grenade…not so great if you’re the person receiving it! the payload is 100ml of thick red paint which eventually washes provided you’re not a cheapskate and buy good washing powder. We designed our first paint grenade back in 1996, the shape has changed a few times to accommodate the improvements in paper pulp moulding but ultimately the design has remained the same. Yes you heard right, it is made from pulp paper, so it biodegrades to virtually nothing. Even though it is paper it is very difficult to crush due to the design so not only does it look like a grenade, it also feels like the real thing. This product is for purchase and use by over 18s only.


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