Bioflow H2Flow


Numerous studies have shown that passing water through a magnetic field can reduce and prevent the problems caused by hard water. It simply straps onto the incoming water pipe and provides a constant supply of magnetically treated water to your home.

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A 6mm deposit of limescale can add as much as 40% to the cost of heating water, and can be the cause of many expensive plumbing repairs. Adding chemicals to hard water is a common method of combating limescale, although the water treated cannot be used for drinking or cooking and the provision of chemicals can be expensive. Using magnetic fields to condition hard water is now becoming very popular, although most of this type of product is powered from mains electricity to produce an electromagnetic field around a water pipe.

H2Flow performs the same function without consuming power and without producing any electromagnetic radiation!

As water passes through the CRP magnetic field the limescale (salt) molecules are changed allowing them to be surrounded by more water molecules. The water molecules then act as a cushion preventing the salt molecules combining into larger structures (limescale) and they remain in suspension. Water treated in this way will eventually return to its original pattern, but in the average household the treated water is used before this event. Once fitted, the running costs of an H2Flow are zero, but the savings can be considerable – both financial and environmental.

It is also considered healthy to drink magnetised water as the treated water enables minerals such as calcium to be more easily absorbed into the body. Magnetised water (and wine!.. see the Vinaflow!) also tastes better or “softer” as the fluid is quickly oxygenated. 

Particular benefits are seen by those living in hard water areas where limescale has been reduced in pipes and appliances. Thus reducing heating costs and extending the life of appliances.

Will my kettle still attract limescale?

It will depend on the hardness of your water. In most cases the deposits will gradually disappear, however if you suffer very hard water then any deposits will be much softer than before and can generally be brushed and rinsed away.


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